This Is The Way They Make Us Bend by Allison Hrabluik (2013)

This Is The Way They Make Us Bend by Allison Hrabluik (2013)

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This Is The Way They Make Us Bend
Artist: Allison Hrabluik
Year: 2013
Duration: 00:03:23
Country: Canada

This Is The Way They Make Us Bend is a study in choreography for two joined figures, a project that has involved working with choreographer Claire French to describe a range of movements for otherwise still objects. In this video Hrabluik animates a three-legged figure through an absurd set of drawn instructions.

Excerpt of This Is The Way They Make Us Bend by Allison Hrabluik:

Allison Hrabluik Biography:
In her exploration of narrative construction, Allison Hrabluik’s visual practice finds its focus in the voices, rhythms and methodologies of storytelling. Her work includes video, animation, drawing and installation, often to humorous or absurdist ends. With a recent focus on choreography and collaboration with both dancers and musicians, Hrabluik’s works reveal characters through various narrative processes: so-called documentary objectivity, the messy subjectivity of first-person narration, allegorical third-person perspective, and the generative ambiguity of abstraction.

Hrabluik lives and works in Vancouver. Her work has been included in solo and group exhibitions and film festival nationally and internationally.


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