Ableton Show & Tell happening Thursday, July 21st at VIVO

Ableton Show & Tell happening Thursday, July 21st at VIVO

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Calling all artists, musicians, makers and experimenters interested in exploring Ableton Live:

VIVO is offering an evening meet-up and show & tell for music enthusiasts interested in the software to meet, connect, learn a bit more about the software, share with others, and learn more about what local producers are creating with it. This event is by donation, with no one turned away for lack of funds. To RSVP, visit the Eventbrite page. The event is happening from 7-10pm.

The evening will begin with music producers Alexandre Klinke and Anthony Traynor giving a comprehensive introduction into the potential of this radical and multifaceted software. Through their combined experience of electronic music production, performance, composing music for film and TV, sound design and DJing, they will outline a thorough road map of Ableton Live basics and offer key strategies and insights into expanding beyond your repertoire.

Following this presentation, Jonathan Bierman (Dark Arps) will share his triangular-shaped “Energy Shield”, which pulses in time with the music, and can be controlled using an ipad. Ableton Live is the central hub in the system, although the tempo and transport is controlled by an Elektron Machinedrum (hardware drum machine). Running inside Ableton Live is a Max4Live patch designed which controls colour and intensity of the wedge.


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What is Ableton Live?

Live is software for creating musical ideas, turning them into finished songs, and even taking them onto the stage.

With two views – the classic Arrangement View, where musical ideas are laid out along a timeline, and the unique Session View, where you can improvise and quickly experiment with musical ideas – Live is a fast, fun, intuitive way to make music.



Anthony Trayner

Through the past 10 years the Electronic Music movement has made an unprecedented impact on our culture, growing from the warehouses of Detroit and eventually finding its way to centre stage at the Grammies. Through these shifts and turns Anthony Traynor has plotted his own trajectory and developed an uncanny ability to catch the wave before it hits. In his previous incarnation as BreakBeatBuddha he was lauded as one of the founders of the Cali Glitch Hop scene, working with the likes of Bassnectar, Freq Nasty and supported by such luminaries as the Glitch Mob. As “PropaTingz” he was one of the early champions of the US Dubstep sound, working with such heavy weights as 16-Bit and gaining support from UKF, Ntype,Akira Kiteshi, Datsik and Kissy Sell Out (BBC Radio 1). His production work can be seen on labels such as Fabric, BOKA, Black Acre, PLAY ME as well as on his own TRUE MOVEMENT Imprint. More recently his work has found its way onto The CW network and he co-wrote the 9 month Ableton course at Harbourside Institute of Technology Vancouver.




Alexandre Klinke

Alexandre Klinke is a musician from Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently based in Vancouver. His music blends the folk traditions of his country with rock, pop, jazz and electronic elements. Besides composing, recording and performing as an independent artist, he is also a Film Composer and Sound Designer. In his performances he uses Ableton Live to loop live instruments, creating and arranging intricate layers of sound on the spot. Alex has been teaching Music Production since 2012.







Jonathan Bierman

Veteran producer and engineer, Dark Arps is the latest moniker of Canadian electronic artist, Jon Bierman. Originally inspired by the slew of groundbreaking acts that arose from the UK’s DnB and triphop scenes in the 90’s, his tastes evolved to incorporate nu-skool breaks, progressive, and techno. Timeless acts such as Hybrid, Underworld and The Prodigy were influential role models that forged in him an equal commitment to musicality, high production standards and of course, dance-ability. Throughout the 2000’s he spent eight years producing, engineering, touring and performing with one of the UK’s first truly live DnB-breakbeat acts, Keiretsu, rocking dance floors all across Britain, from Edinburgh to Brighton. As well, during this period he continued to produce, remix and collaborate with an endless variety of electronic and traditional acts, giving him a diverse pool of influence from which to draw inspiration. Now in his 16th year as an electronic music producer, and reinvigorated by his new spiritual home of Vancouver BC, Dark Arps’ productions are more coherent, confident and technically sophisticated than ever.


Pietro Sammarco is the Education Coordinator at VIVO. Talk to him if you want to host or attend a workshop, or want to get involved in a special project. In addition to running the education department at VIVO, he also teaches audio production, records bands, does music and sound for film, DJ's karaoke, and performs music with several groups.