FRI MARCH 30, 2012 – 8PM –

SAT MARCH 31, 2012 – 11:59PM

Friday March 30 + Saturday March 31 8pm Free

Followed by Video Bar programmed by Lief Hall 9pm-12am Free
Paper House is performed by Lief Hall, Larissa Loyva, Kelly Davis and Shiva Shahmir

Lief Hall is the first Artist in Residence of VIVO’s Animate Objects series. Animate Objects is a living studio for the study of animating materials, objects and architecture in performance and media. Over the month of March, Hall composed, choreographed, animated and constructed the elements of Paper House.

Lief Hall’s multidisciplinary practice employs light, sound, sculpture and movement to create affective environments. Her installations, performances and compositions induce tension between the virtual and real by projecting 3D computer animation and video onto bodies and fluid sculptural objects made of paper and textiles. She works with the textural and non-narrative qualities of voice to mimic nature, machines and non-human beings; composing a sonic landscape unhindered by formal music structure or symbolic language. This experimentation is expressed in Hall’s current musical projects, the improvisational sound art trio Glaciers and dark electro duo MYTHS.

In Paper House Hall works allegorically and abstractly with the body as a house of ideological construction. Resisting permanence and stability, she invests in ephemeral, flexible and exposed structures in her architecture, choreography and music composition. Inspired by the Post-Modern processes of Judson Church choreographers Deborah Hay, Lucinda Childs and Trisha Brown, she collaborates and improvises with artists who work fluidly as dancers, musicians and vocalists. In her choreography Hall works conceptually with fluctuation between internalization and externalization, individuality and collectivity, construction and deconstruction. Larissa Loyva, Kelly Davis and Shiva Shahmir will be performing with her.

Likewise flexible materials like paper, vellum, and lycra create a permeable architecture for the body to imagine itself in. Hall cuts curvilinear patterns in paper that cause the material to contort and flourish when long curtains of it are suspended. Video projections on Paper House create shadows that alter perceptions of space, weight and depth. The projections transform solid objects into fluid forms, creating architecture out of moving light. The texture and patterning of her 3D animation also obscures the dancers forms, dissolving them into the materiality of their own construction.

VIVO graciously acknowledges the Western Front for supporting Paper House.