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The first videos deposited in the Video Inn Library were 76 open reel video tapes brought by attendees to Vancouver’s 1973 International MATRIX Video Conference. The Library provided in-house viewing facilities and continued to grow its collection with contacts made through the international network built by its Video Exchange Directory.

The current collection reflects the interests and activities of the Centre. It contains video produced by its membership at the centre, titles distributed by Video Out, videos by artists who have engaged with the centre through residencies , symposia or exhibitions, and materials solicited by collective members over the course of their own research or travels. Today the collection is comprised of approximately 4500 titles. While 70% of our videos are from British Columbia artists, the collection is international in scope.

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Werner Aellen, Ken Anderlini, Marion Barling, Byron Black, Taki Bluesinger, June Boe, Lorna Boschman,Maureen Bradley, Hank Bull, Peg Campbell, Dana Claxton, Kate Craig, Jim Cummins, Thirza Cuthand, Crista Dahl, Michael de Courcy, Sara Diamond, Stan Douglas, Margaret Dragu, Ross Gentleman, Gerry Gilbert, Michael Goldberg, Terry Haines, Susan Harmon, Andy Harvey, Carole Itter, Daryl Lacey, Laura Lamb, Paul Lang, Sook Yin Lee, Zachary Longboy, Eric Metcalfe, John Mitchell, Shani Mootoo, Michael Morris, Wendy Oberlander, Andrew Power, Shawn Preus, Al Razutis, Cleo Reece, Jeanette Reinhardt, Evelyn Roth, Jayce Salloum, Joe Sarahan, Matthew Speier, Laurel Swenson, Kim Tomczak, Vincent Trasov, Ruby Truly, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Carla Wolf, Paul Wong, Kira Wu, Cornelia Wyngaarden, Wayne Yung, Winston Xin.


Denys Arcand, Susan Britton, Colin Campbell,  Shawn Chappelle, Elizabeth Chitty, Daniel Dion, Lorraine Dufour, Pierre Falardeau, Nikki Forrest, Richard Fung, Randy Gledhill, John Greyson, Daniel Guimond, Oliver Hockenhull, Zacharius Kanuk, Gary Kibbins, Noel Harding, Nora Hutchinson, Gerry Kisil, Tanya Mars, Clark Nikolai, Marc Paradis, Jan Peacock, Anne Ramsden, Clive Robertson,   Tomiyo Sasaki, Lisa Steele, Leila Sujir, Marik Veribioff, Rodney Werden, Jane Wright


Jon Alpert, Sadie Benning, Peter Berg, Skip Blumberg, Gabor Body, Steve Christiansen, Doris Chase, Cecelia Condit, Diamela Eltit, Catherine Elwes, Barbara Hammer, Mona Hatoum, Lynne Hershman, Mako Idemitsu, Paula Levine, Stuart Marshall, Fujiko Nakaya, Kou Nakajima, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Martha Rosler, Lotty Rosenfeld, Ulrike Rosenbach, Lydia Shouten, Erika Suderburg, Woody and Steina Vasulkas, Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, Keigo Yamamoto,