GBV Episode 41

Episode: 41
Duration: 29:43
Airing date: 7 & 21 November 1983
Record date: 5 November 1983
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-041

00:49-07:30 Extended intro featuring a compilation of excerpts from past episodes exploring the Gays (and Lesbians) in the media.

07:31-13:32 Bill Houghton, Hoddy, Spencer McDonell, David Myers, talk about CFRO’s ‘Coming Out Show’.

13:33-20:30 Angles at the time of its transition from the VGCC newsleterr  is profiled featuring Richard Banner, Gery Ratzinger, and Lucy Harrison.

20:30-21:50 Don Durrell formally introduces the transition of Gayblevision to Pacific Wave and the reasons behind it.

21:51-29:25 Pacific Wave preview: the play ‘Metaphors’ by its director, Alan MacInroy, with performance from the play; ceramicist Gary Merkell; performance by Grant Heisler.

29:26-29:43 Credits (Brought to you by Don Durrell, Terry Gamble, Joe Kukulka, Terry Reichey, Barry Spillman)