GBV Episode 01

Episode: 1
Duration: 28:09
Airing date: 7 July 1980
Record date: May, June 1980
Producers: Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen, Verne Powers
Accession: GV-001

Legacy Donor: Jolene Cumming

00:08- 01:11  Producers Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen and Verne Powers introduce the first episode of Gayblevision.

01:12 – 07:27 Rob: Review of Hamburger Mary’s of Gerry Gauguin/René Cavalier.  (Director: John Cowan. Production Crew: J.Cowan, Greg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen)

07:28-08:20 Skit

08:21-13:36 Jim Trenholme, Society for Political Action for Gay People (SPAG); Art Phillips Liberal; Pat Carney P.C.; Ron Johnson N.D.P.  (Director: Alan MacInroy. Production Crew: G. Cutts & A. MacInroy)

13:37-15:26 Skit and preview of next episode

15:27-21:05 Lyn Guy w/Grace Flescher of Passacaglia Books on Davie Street. (Director: Lyn Guy. Production Crew: Lyn Guy, Steve Wallace, J. Cowan, Verne Powers

21:50-27:09 “Showtime at BJ’s” with Club owner Jim Walters. (Director: Steve Wallace. Production Crew: V.Powers, S.Wallace, Mary Anne McEwen)

27:10-27:47 Person on the street interviews

27:48-29:25  Gayblevision Theme. Music: G.Cutts. Lyrics: G.Cutts & Mary Anne McEwen.  Special Thanks. Dave Stewart, Dave Fadden, Pasquale Pascucci. (Produced by M. A. McEwen, G.Cutts, & V.Powers)