GBV Episode 2

Episode: 2
Duration:  30:00
Airing date: 4 August 1980
Record date: 4 August 1980
Producers: Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen
Accession: GV-002

00:19- Credits

30:08-32:04 Intro

32:05-34:35 Talent Night at Faces: Red Tucher & The Rhythm Ramblers. (Director: Dave Stewart.  Production Crew: V.Powers/M.A. McEwen/G. Cutts/P. Bailie/Jeffrey Ross/Alan McInroy/Jean Murphy/Neil Snow/Curtis)

34:36-39:05 City Hall vs. Gay Unity. Dr. Steve Mason, Gay Unity Committee Secretary; Vince Manis,  S.P.A.G; Mayor Volrich, Ald. Marzari, Ald. Puil, Ald. Kennedy, Ald. Ford, Ald. Gerard, Ald. Rankin, Ald. Harcourt. (Dir.G.Cutts, Prod.Jean Murphy)

39:05-40:45 Talent Night at Faces: Faye

40:45-45:53 New Freedom Evangelistic Gay Gospel Group. (Director: M.A.McEwen, Production Crew: G.Cutts & V.Powers)

45:54-46:49 Talent Night at Faces

46:50-50:25 Gay Art at the Helen Pitt-July 21-Aug.2. Features interview with curator Stan Leek.  (Director:  J.Cowan, Production Crew: V.Powers & Lorraine Oades )

50:25-52:20 Talent Night At Faces – Mitzi Allison, Aeron Nichols

52:20-55:39 Interview with Mike Harcourt. (Director: Rick Willet. Production Crew:  G.Cutts, V.Powers, Jeffery Ross & Barry Spillman)

55:40-1:00:09 Red Tucher Gay Gospel Group.  (Production Crew:  G. Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen & Verne Powers)