GBV Episode 3

Episode: 3
Duration: 30:57
Airing date: 1 September 1980
Record date: 31 August 1980
Episode Producers: Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen, Verne Powers
Accession: GV-003

00:50-02:40 Intro

02:41-04:55 ‘Lesbian Feminism Part 1’: Observations by Danyele Leroux of Lesbians and Feminist Mother’s Political Action Group (L.A.F.M.P.A.G.); Silva Tenenbein, host of Coop Radio’s Lesbian Show Collective; Mary Anne McEwen, filmmaker.

04:56-09:49 ‘Lesbian Mothers’: Lee McKay, Just Jean, Ellen Frank, Laurel Kimbley talk about how lesbian mothers are organizing, issues, feminism, stereotypes about the role of mothers and children in the community. (Director: Jean Murphy. Production crew: Mary Anne McEwen; Verne Powers; Jeff Ross; Barry Spillman)

09:50-11:09 ‘Lesbian Feminism Part 2’: with Marc White, Men’s Center; Dee Dee, Empress of Vancouver; Richard Willett, writer. Lesbian separatism, drag, what men can learn from feminists.

11:10-14:47 ‘What Makes a Man a Man?’: includes musical performance by Bruce Tilden. (Director: Verne Powers. Production crew: Phillip Bailie; Andrew Brown; Barry Spillman)

14:48-16:08 ‘Gay Male Sexuality Part 1’: Male interviewees talk about the role of bars and nightclubs and promiscuity.

16:09-20:11 Interview with Jaime Smith, a Gay psychiatrist. (Director: Stanley Leak. Production crew: John Cowan; Dan Dunford)

20:12-22:00 ‘Gay Male Sexuality Part 2’: Female interviewees discuss gay men.

22:01-23:22 ‘The Stars They Were!’ : documentation of Gayblevision’s benefit at BJ’s (Director: Verne Powers.  Production crew: Phillip Bailie)

23:23-24:51 ‘Gay Women and Men Working Together Part 1’: Both sexes discuss working together.

24:52-28:06 ‘A Gay Day at the W.E.C.C.’: documentation of Gayfest ’80, with Mike Harcourt; Grace Flesher; Darlene Marzari; Chief & Princess White Fox; Emery Barnes MLA; Carol Street (Director: Phillip Bailie. Production Crew: Greg Cutts; Barry Spillman; Richard Willett)

28:07-29:57 ‘Gay Women & Men Working Together Part 2’: (Director: Hasjiah Cain & Richard Willett. Production crew: Iris Ward & Greg Cutts)

29:58-30:54 Credits