GBV Episode 6

Episode: 6
Duration: 30:34
Airing date: 1 December 1980
Record date: 30 November 1980
Episode Producers: Mary Anne McEwen, Gregg Cutts
Accession: GV-006

00:19-02:13 Intro

02:14-04:12 Music by Heather & Brenda live from the Gandy Dancer and the Quadra, also 08:29-10:50 & 26:11-28:27  (Crew:  Barry Spillman, Lori Albert, Philip Baillie, Greg Cutts, Don Durrell, Dave Fadden, MA McEwen, Wendy  St Marie, Steve)

04:13-08:28 A profile of Sappho, 7th Century, and her importance to the lesbian community. (Director: Stephane McVie. Crew: MA McEwen, Lone Sorensen, Gregg Cutts, Don Durrell, B. Spillman, Lynda Ms .Guy-Did)

10:51-13:40 Intro to facts represented in the play “Bent”, a play about the Nazi’s prosecution of homosexuals, by Martin Sherman.

13:41-23:42 A scene performed from “Bent” starring Allan Gray & Morris Panych.

23:43-24:20 Conclusion of facts about the Nazi’s prosecution of homosexuals. (Director: Philip Baillie. Crew: Kurtus Callaghan, John Cowan, Greg Cutts, Don Durrell, Don Larventz, MA McEwen, Stephanie McVie, Barry Spillman)

24:21-26:10  Update on Gays and the Constitution: Info on S.P.A.G. Society for Political Action for Gay people in Vancouver, and their request to speak in front of the joint committee to ask that sexual orientation be included as prohibited grounds of discrimination and promotion of their petition.

28:28-29:42 Gayblevision Fundraiser December 5th and 6th at the Gandydancer.Promo features musical number by Faye Lynn & the Closettes: Gordie Forsberg, Wade Nott, Greg Barnes, Gregg Cutts. Choreographer: Neil Snow.

29:43-30:34 Credits: Thanks to Earl & The Gandydancer