GBV Episode 4

Episode: 4
Duration: 30:36
Airing date: 6 October 1980
Record date: 5 October 1980
Episode Producers: Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen, Verne Powers
Accession: GV-004

00:20-03:10 Intro featuring Craig Russell

03:11-07:40 Craig Russell, Canadian drag queen and actor. Talks about his show “Toronto the Good”; first experience as drag queen.

07:41-09:44 Gay Ball Game: Recap of the Pacific Cup International 1980. West End All-Stars (2nd place) vs Sacramento (1st place) (Director: Barry Spillman. Crew: G. Cutts)

9:45-10:55 Closet Cases (shorts), also 13:38-15:00, 19:57-21-28. (Director: M.A. McEwen. Crew: Barry, Iris, Neil, Lori, Faye, Wade, Franklyn, Kurtus, John, Alan, Stephanie, & Hasjiah)

10:56-13:37 Craig Russell and Jamie Burgess (Road Manager)

15:01-19:56 “Working Out” with Franklyn Clowater, Paula Pick, Val Walls, Ray Dupuis. (Director:  Kurtus Callaghan. Crew: Stephanie McVie, G. Cutts, Franklyn Clowater, Barry Spillman)

21:29-25:24 Alpha Innuendo by Max Agostinelli , Gay Dance. (Director: John Cowan. Crew: Verne Powers & J. Cowan)

25:25-29:41 Craig Curtis, dir. Mary Ann McEwen & Craig Russell. (Editor: Gregg Cutts, cam. Verne Powers)

29:42-30:37 End Credits