GBV Episode 5

Episode: 5
Duration: 30:22
Airing date: 3 November 1980
Record date: 2 November 1980
Episode Producers: Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen
Accession: GV-005

00:15-02:35 Intro

02:36-03:09 ‘Closet Tour of the West End’ (comedic interludes), also at 08:07-08:58, 13:23-13:57, 17:57-18:25, 22:36-24:05

03:10-08:06 Playwright Tennessee Williams interview includes his views on “the Gay situation”, Gay militancy, and how being Gay has affected his later writing; also 24:06-29:11 (Directors: Mary Anne McEwen; Verne Powers. Crew: John Cowan; Gregg Cutts)

08:59-13:22 ‘Gay History: London 1895’: a playful compilation of historic and contemporary imagery with advice from Oscar Wilde (Director: Barry Spillman. Crew: Phillip Bailie; Jolene Cumming; Stephanie McVie; Don Durrell)

13:58-17:56 Wade Nott (composer/performer) on guitar playing ‘The Romantic’ (Director: Greg Cutts)

18:27-22:35 ‘Gays & the Ward System’: Stan Persky talks about the homophobic attitude on City Council, the need for Gay people to vote in their own interest, and the benefits of a ward electoral system for the Gays in Vancouver (Director: Alan MacInroy. Crew: Stephanie McVie; Verne Powers)

29:12-30:23 Credits