GBV Episode 10

Episode: 10
Duration: 30:27
Airing date: 1981
Record date: 1981
Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-010


00:09-01:11 Intro

01:12-07:07 Description of activities of the Vancouver Gay Community Centre (V.G.C.C.) w/ Kurtus Callaghan, Lynda Guy; Kenneth Law (Director: Kurtus Callaghan)

07:08-09:36 ‘Come Here Often? The Adventures of Samantha Strayed’ a Gayblevision Recruiter (dramatization), also 15:54-17:52 (Director: Lori Albert. Featuring: Ann; Shelley & Susan of the Quadra Softball Team)

09:37-15:53 Rev. Elder Troy Perry, founder & moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, with footage of Rev. Dave Gunton, MCC Vancouver (Director: Greg Cutts & Mary Anne McEwen. Camera: Kurtus Callaghan; John Cowan)

17:53-26:09 Interview with BC author Jane Rule at her home on Salt Spring Island by Don Larventz. (Director: John Beatty. Narrator: Lori Albert; interviewer. Camera: Kurtus Callaghan)

26:10-29:34 Coming Up Vancouver (community calendar)

29:35-30:27 Credits