GBV Episode 7

Episode: 7
Duration: 31:04
Airing date: 6 January 1981
Record date: 30 December 1980
Producers: Gregg Cutts, Mary Anne McEwen, Philip Bailie
Accession: GV-007

A Retrospective of Past Shows with a Special Look Behind the Scenes

00:50-02:56  ‘Homosexuals Give Birth on Stanley Court’: an excerpt from the June 30, 1980 episode of the Vancouver Cable 10 show ‘Stanley Court’ where the host interviews Mary Anne McEwen and Greg Cutts about the start of Gayblevision.

02:57-05:19 Intro:

05:20-07:54 ‘Shooting the Stars’: excerpts featuring author Tennessee Williams and, at 07:55, Toronto drag queen and actor Craig Russell (Director: Mary Anne McEwen)

09:16-10:57 ‘Body Politics’ featuring Barry Trenholme S.P.A.G.; CBC News segment featuring the civic all candidates meeting highlighting Gayblevision’s recording of the event for posterity. (Director: Alan MacInroy)

10:58-11:46 ‘God Knows I’m Gay’ with footage of Gay gospel (Director: Mary Anne McEwen)

11:47-12:09 ‘Changing the World’: a piece about fighting homophobia (Director: Hasjiah Cain; Richard Willett; Stanley Leak)

12:10-13:59 ‘Gay Men and Women Working Together’: Gayblevision production meeting footage

13:40-16:12 ‘Faces the Music’ with musicians Red Tucher & The Rhythm Ramblers (Director: Dave Stewart)

16:11-18:36 ‘Once Upon A Time…’ Sappho & early Lesbian writing, Gay history in London (Directors: Stephanie McVie; Barry Spillman)

18:37-23:19 ‘Bods, Sweats and Rears’ featuring Gay weight training, aerobics, and baseball (Directors: Kurtus Callaghan; Barry Spillman)

23:20-25:48 ‘Dramatically Bent’: a play about Gays and the Holocaust (Direcotr: Philip Bailie)

25:49-30:13 ‘The Fruits of our Labour’: behind the scenes at Gayblevision and out-takes (Directors: Mary Anne McEwen; Philip Bailie)

30:14-31:08 Thanks.