GBV Episode 8

Episode: 8
Duration: 38:18
Airing date: 2 February 1981
Record date: 31 January 1981
Episode Producers: Stephanie McVie, Philip Bailie
Accession: GV-008

01:25-02:29 Intro

02:30-02:56, also 07:22-07:55, 13:08-13:27, 17:14-17:26, 25:42-26:05, 34:15-34:54 Special Comedy. Guests shorts by Maurice Parkhurst & Tod MacIntosh  (Director: Philip Bailie. Crew: Lori Albert, Andrew Brown, Don Larventz, Stephanie McVie, Rick Parry & Cathy Topham)

02:57-07:21 “Search” (Society for Eduation, Action, Research and Counselling in Homosexuality), Local services provider for community: grant possibilities & fundraising/Susan McGlaughlin; VD clinic/Bob Bothman; peer counseling/Neil Armstrong & Phil Grey. (Director: Don Durrell. Crew: Reed Hortie, Stephanie McVie, Rick Parry)

07:56-13:07 “Carol Street” a musical folk performer. (Director: Lori Albert & S. McVie. Crew:  P. Bailie, Sophia Dricos, Kurtus Callaghan, D. Durrell, Barry Spillman, Pam Chizmadia, Sunny Wright)

13:28-17:13 Interview with Oraf, Vancouver photographer, and promo of his exhibition “Berlin, Capital of Walls” at Mido Gallery. (Director: Reed Hortie. Crew: P. Bailie, Don Larventz)

17:27-25:41 Interview with Pat Carney concerning earlier recommendations to Human Rights amendments & follow up by Alan MacInroy. Includes excerpts from the All Candidates Meeting taped February 1980. (Director: A. MacInroy. Crew: Jean-Guy, Sunny Wright, S. McVie)

26:06-34:14 Interview with  David Sereda, pianist from Edmonton. (Director: Kurtus Callaghan. Crew:  P. Bailie, John Beatty, D. Larventz, Barry Spillman)

34:55-37:25 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar), by P. Bailie, K. Callaghan, S. McVie.

37:25- Credits: Theme song by Greg Cutts & Mary Anne McEwen.