GBV Episode 9

Episode: 9
Duration: 31:16
Airing date: 2 & 16 March 1981
Record date: 28 February 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-009

Legacy Donor: Don Larventz

01:18-01:23 Special Presentation intro

01:24-11:34 “Sharing the Obvious”: Dramatized ‘Documentary’ on 3 normative heterosexual lives; a satire of CBC’s “Sharing the Secret” documentary on the homosexual lifestyle.  Performers Pam Johnson, Michael McLaughlin, Ian MacKenzie, Raymond Stamm, Sandra Stamm. (Writer & Director: Donald Larventz. Crew: John Beatty, Todd McIntosh)

11:35-12:40 2nd Intro

12:41-17:08 ‘All Candidates Show’ of the Dogwood Monarchist Society 10th Anniversary Coronation, for the Emperor/Empress of Vancouver, March 14th at the Boom Boom Room. Candidates are Maude, Olive, Flo, Venus, & Harry. Winners: Emperor Harry & Empress Olive. (Director:  Reed Hortie. Crew: Don Larventz)

17:09-21:47 Interview with Robin Tyler, Feminist-Lesbian Comic (Director:  Kurtus Callaghan Interviewer: Lori Albert)

21:48-28:41 Canada’s first gay ‘Soup’ opera. With Suzan Krieger (Kim), David Maclean (Tom), David Roundell (Harris), Meita Winkler (Denise). (Writer: Reed Hortie.  Director: Jake Thomas. Crew: Todd McIntosh, D. Larventz, Shelley Robinson)

28:42-29:25 Promotion for the play ‘Bent’ by Martin Sherman, at the Arts Club Theatre.

29:26-30:17 “Coming Up” cultural calendar

30:18-31:10 Credits