GBV Episode 11

Episode: 11
Duration: 31:44
Airing date: 4, 18 May 1981

Record date: 2 May 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-011


01:32-02:36 Intro

02:37-07:18 Gay Organizations Meeting Planning for Gay Unity Week ’81: Vince Moranis outlines progress to date.

07:19-13:58 ‘Speak Out for Gay Rights!’ Philip Bailie introduces and interviews Darlene Marzari, former Alderman. (Crew: John Cowan; Rick)

13:59-17:02 ‘A Tale of Another City’ Gay soap opera. (Actors: Franklyn Clowater; Dave MacLean. Writers: Don Larventz; Dave MacLean. Director: Don Larventz. Crew: Rick; Lori Albert. Make-up Artist: Todd McIntosh)

17:03-23:44 ‘Gays & Police Dialogue: Can Toronto Raids Happen Here?’ Neil Show interviews Inspector Lorne McLean from Police Dialogue. (Crew: John Cowan; Rick)

23:45-26:42 Ad for the 1981 Lesbian Conference May 16-18 at Langara College. Theme: ‘Lesbian Power: Organizing for the ‘80s’ with event details.

26:43-29:11 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar)

29:12-30:50 Review of the April 26th Gayblevision Cut-A-Thon fundraiser at the House of Ernest. (Directors: Frenchie; Shelley Robinson. Crew: Lori Albert; Leigh Cousins; Lori Kelly; Suzan Krieger; Don Larventz; Wendy Trachtenberg)

30:51 Credits