GBV Episode 12

Episode: 12

Duration: 31:20
Airing date: 1, 15 June 1981
Record date: 29 May 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-011

‘Gays In the Arts’

01:30-02:34 Opening

02:35-06:55 Short profile of the solo career of musician David Roundell, and his group Red Tucker & The Rhythm Ramblers. (Roundell footage directed by Franklyn Clowater. Shot at Someplace Else Restaurant)

06:56-17:41 ‘Gay Men in the Arts’ discussion at the Helen Pitt Gallery. Facilitator Don Larventz, Anthony Lizen (artist), Curator Scott Watson (VAG), Bill Rennie (artist), Rodney Clark (student at Emily Carr), Stan Leak (artist, Helen-Pitt), David McLean (UBC Theatre student). Includes issues raised in recent interviews with Tennessee Williams and Jane Rule. (Director: Donald Larventz. Crew: Rick)

19:22-27:58 1981 Lesbian Conference: audio and photographic coverage. (Director: Wendy Trachtenberg. Editors: Colleen French, Suzan Krieger. Crew: Ann Creama, Colleen French, Donna Hager, Suzan Krieger, Lori Kelly, Shelley Robinson. Conference correspondent: Dorothy Kidd. Graphics: Mary Anne McEwen)

27:59-30:29 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar)

30:30- Credits