GBV Episode 15

Episode: 15
Duration: 28:55
Airing date: 7 & 21 September 1981
Record date: 5 September 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-015


00:34-01:49 Intro

01:50-09:40 Gay Unity Week 1981 events: Baseball – West End All-Stars vs Quadra Kats & West End All-Stars vs Vancouver Police Porkers  (Commentator: Ted Deacon) (Editor: Barry Spillman. Crew: Kurtus Callaghan, Don Durrell, Donna Hagar, Don Larventz, Shelley Robinson)

09:41-10:57 Gay Community Award to people who have helped keep Gayblevsion on the air. Bogarts for Hair on Robson Street honoured with the “Golden Shower Cap Award” for their support through a fundraiser for Gayblevison. (Crew: Lori Albert, D. Durrell, D. Larventz, B. Spillman)

10:58-20:02 Actor Pat Bond who played in “Gerty Gerty Stein” at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island during Gay Unity Week. Speaks about Gertrude Stein (Editor: Don Larventz. Crew: D. Durrell, B. Spillman)

20:03-22:50 The Horse’s Ass/Homophobe Award to “Ron” of the Crown of Life. (Crew. D. Durrell, D. Larventz, B. Spillman. Graphic by Alan Barker)

22:51-25:55 Question of the Month feature. People on the street are asked “What do you think of gay people holding hands in public?”.  (Crew: Lori Albert, Donna Hagar, Shelley Robinson.)

25:19-28:10 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar)

28:11-28:55 Credits