GBV Episode 17

Episode: 17
Duration: 29:22
Airing date: 2 & 16 November 1981

Record date: 1 November 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie
Accession: GV-017

00:38-02:29 Intro02:30-06:28 Good Fairy Award: Jim Trenholme of the Gay Hospice Movement. Includes history of the hospice movement and Trenholme’s reasons for being involved with the movement. (Camera: Barry Spillman)06:29-09:55 Horse’s Ass Award: Ed Santor, Owner and General Manager of the Beach Avenue Apartments, Hollyburn Properties. Fraser Hall, Burnaby Tennant Aid talks about a rental discrimination case with Philip Bailie. (Director: Philip Bailie. Camera: Don Larventz)09:56 Discrimination against gays discussed with Bill Black, Faculty of Law, UBC and former Human Rights Commissioner, and Graham Hope, Acting Chief of Community Relations with the Human Rights Program in BC. (Presenters: Don Durrell, Don Larventz)22:04-25:44 Question of the Month: Should openly gay people be able to teach in the public school system. (Interviewer: David MacLean. Camera: Don Larventz)

25:45-28:16 Coming Up In Van

28:17-29:20 Credits: Hosted by Don Durrell.