GVB Episode 16

Episode: 16
Duration: 31:43
Airing date: 5 & 19 October 1981

Record date: 3 October 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-016

 00:35-02:16 Intro

02:17-07:29 Interview with Grant Cowan, stage and commercial actor.

07:30-08:11 Good Fairy Award to Helen Pitt Gallery. (Director: Don Larventz. Crew: David MacLean)

08:12-09:59 Interview with Rodney Clark, painter, by David MacLean (Director: Don Larventz)

10:00-13:20 The Horse’s Ass Award: Denny Boyd of the Vancouver Sun (Director: Philip Bailie. Crew: Don Larventz)

13:21-23:29 The Girlfriends, cabaret trio (Director: Wendy Trachtenberg. Crew: Don Larventz (camera), Lori Albert, Kurtus Callaghan, Donna, Don Durrell, Barry Spillman)

23:30-27:38 Question of the Month: Gay people on Police force? People on the street interviewed by Don Durrell. (Director: Don Larventz. Crew: David MacLean (camera), Barry Spillman)

27:39-30:09 Coming Up in Vancouver (Community Calendar)

30:10-31:36 Credits: Hosts. Lori Albert, Don Durrell.