GBV Episode 19

Episode: 19
Duration: 31:48
Airing date: 4 & 18 January 1982

Record date: 22 December 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie
Accession: GV-019

A Retrospective of 1981 Gayblevision Programming

00:34-02:19 Intro

02:20-03:03 Information about ‘SEARCH’ offering services & hotline to the Gay community

03:04-03:37 Vancouver Gay Community Centre V.G.C.C. (community events & funding)

03:38-06:45 Musical coverage of Carol Street and pianist David Sereda

06:46-08:16 Coverage of the arts including artist Oraf & author Jane Rule

08:17-09:59 The battle for Gay rights by Alderman Darlene Marzari; Inspector Lorne McLean

10:00-10:55 Reporting on the ’81 Lesbian Conference

10:56-12:57 Reactions against the C.B.C. documentary, ‘Sharing the Secret’, about the homosexual lifestyle and Gayblevision’s satiric production ‘Sharing the Obvious’

12:58-13:55 Comments by Robin Tyler & excerpt from her stand-up routine

3:56-14:52 ‘The Gay impact on Art’ historical vignettes

14:53-16:38 Gay Unity ’81 Parade & Proclamation

16:39-18:34 West End All Stars baseball results

18:35-19:36 Horse’s Ass & Good Fairy Awards

19:37-21:17 MP Pat Carney introduces new legislation to change the status of Gays; Svend Robinson addresses parliament

21:18-22:33 Human rights issues with Professor and lawyer, Bill Black, and Graham Hope, B.C. Human Rights Acting Chief Community Relations

22:35-24:17 Creation of the public opinion segment ‘Question of the Month’

24:18-30:28 Coverage of out of town performers including Pat Bond; Grant Cowan and The Girlfriends’ last performance

30:29-31:48 Special Thanks & Happy New Year message to all previous cast, crew & executive.