GBV Episode 20

Episode: 20
Duration: 34:35
Airing date: 1 & 15 February 1982

Record date: 30 January 1982
Episode Producers: Colleen French, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-020

00:35-01:50 Intro

01:51- 08:43 Travelogue with Brian Story, Travel Agent for the gay traveler. (Director: Don Durrell. Crew: Don Larventz. Graphics: Ken Morley)

08:44-11:18 Horse’s Ass Award: article in Vancouver Sun by Ken Campbell of Renaissance Canada. (Director: Philip Bailie. Crew: Don Larventz)

11:19-14:34 Question of the Month: Should Gay Rights be included in the Can. Constitution? (Interviewer: Michael O’Connell)

14:35-16:05 Good Fairy Award: Gays & Lesbians of UBC, previously Gay UBC (Director: Don Larventz. Crew: Philip Bailie)

16:06-29:48 Farewell to the Vanport Hotel, Lesbian mainstay in Vancouver. Shot December 1981 at the closing of the Vanport. Reflections by patrons, hotel tenants and footage of “Vanport Mary” (interviewed) and “Dixie” who were regulars at the Saturday afternoon Amateur Strip Show (Director: Mary Ann McEwen. Crew: Colleen French, Don Larventz, Michael O’Connell, Lone Sorenson, Don Durrell, Barry Spillman)

29:49-33:28 Coming Up in Gay Vancouver (Community Calendar)

33:29-34:35 Credits: Associate Producers: Philip Bailie, Don Durrell, Don Larventz, Mary Anne McEwen.