GBV Episode 21

Episode: 21
Duration: 34:34
Airing date: 1 & 15 March 1982

Record date: Not available
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman, Colleen French
Accession: GV-021

00:13-01:29 Intro

01:30-07:53 Interview with Meg Christian, musician, by Ferrol Bancks. (Director: Lyell Walker)

07:54-11:01 Question of the Month: What is student reaction to the 3rd Gay and Lesbian Week at the UBC campus? by Lori Kelly

11:02-19:00 Interview with Harry Britt, San Francisco supervisor in Vancouver to speak at UBC, by Jim Trenholme, Chairman of S.P.A.G. (Director: Barry Spillman. Crew: Don Larventz, Gordon Armstrong, Lori Kelly, Colleen French. Editor: Mary Anne McEwen)

19:01-23:23 Interview with Gerry Brunet of Gay Leisure Link (Director: Wendy St. Marie. Crew: Colleen French, Lori Kelly, Mary Anne McEwen)

23:24-29:50 Interview with Rob Joyce of GATE (Gay Alliance Towards Equality), by Kevin Griffin. (Director:Don Larventz.

29:51-33:30 Community Calendar (Director: Gordon Armstrong)

33:31- 34:20 Credits: Associate Producers: Don Durrell, Mary Anne McEwen, Don Larventz, Philip Bailie.