GBV Episode 23

Episode: 23
Duration: 30:49
Airing date: 3, 17 May 1982

Record date: 1 May 1982
Episode Producers: Colleen French, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-023


00:50-01:50 Intro

01:51- 06:06 Stringbean, one of the originators of the Festival of Fools, talks about being a Gay clown and the festival.  (Director: Wendy Trachtenberg. Crew: Lori Kelly; Mary Anne McEwen)

06:07-12:53 Interviews with contestants of The first Pacific Northwest Mr. Leather Contest held at John Barley’s  April 24th.  The contest was sponsored by Top Man Leather and the Zodiacs. Zodiacs President Geoff Mains interviews Ron Alexander, John Kitt, and Ken Jackson from Vancouver, and Mike McCabe, Portland. (Director: Philip Bailie. Crew: Gordon Armstrong; Don Durrell; Colleen French; Kevin Griffin; Lori Kelly; Don Larventz; Barry Spillman)

12:54-17:13 ‘Women in Drag’  Profile of the drags shows held at the Quadra Cabaret. Includes footage of the Quadra Players (Blue Crane, Anne Krema, Suzan Krieger, Shelley Robinson) and an interview with Suzan Krieger, co-owner. (Director/Camera: Colleen French)

17:14-25:11 An update on the Rob Joyce wrongful dismissal case. Interviewed by Kevin Griffin. (Director/Camera: Don Larventz)

25:12-26:18 Report on the opening of the fourth West End Softball Association season. (Don Durrell; Barry Spillman)

26:19-30:00 Community Calendar (Philip Bailie; Kevin Griffin; Donald Larventz)

30:01 Credits  (Associate Producers: Philip Bailie; Don Durrell; Donald Larventz; Mary Anne McEwen. Producers: Colleen French; Barry Spillman)