GBV Episode 26

Episode: 26
Duration: 57:18
Airing date: 2, 16 August 1982

Record date: 31 July 1982
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Don Larventz, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-026


A Preview of Gay & Lesbian Unity Week ‘82

00:41-02:12 Intro

02:13-14:48 Gayblevision’s second interview with comedian Robin Tyler about her upcoming film and her early years in Winnipeg. (Director: Wendy Trachtenberg. Interviewer: Ferrol Bancks. Camera: Barry Spillman)

14:49-21:18 ‘Rocky Horror Stage Show’ at the Arts Club Theatre. Interview with director Mario Crudo and actor Andy Rhodes. (Director: Barry Spillman. Interviewer: Don Durrell. Camera: Don Larventz)

21:19-29:26 ‘Rob Joyce Case’ (Director/Camera: Don Larventz; Interviewer: Kevin Griffin)

29:27-30:39 Kevin Griffin interviews Richard Banner of the Gay Rights Union. He talks about the Open Forum, they have organized for Gay & Lesbian Unity Week to discuss Lesbian and Gay rights in the 80s. Panelists include Rob Joyce, Ken Popert, John Wilson (John Damien Defence Fund), and Edmund Lynch. Held  at the West End Community Centre, August 4th. (Director/Camera: Don Larventz; Interviewer: Kevin Griffin)

30:40-37:26 Interview with Edmund Lynch representing the International Gay Association (IGA): The International Association of Lesbian Gay Women and Gay Men, formed 1978 and with 12 countries. Covers the founding of the association and its issues. (Director: Kevin Griffin. Camera: Don Larventz)

37:27-41:37 A Preview of ‘Hosanna’, a play by Michel Tremblay about an aging drag queen.  Footage from the dress rehearsal at Studio 58 and interviews with the actors. (Director: Don Larventz. Crew: Don Durrell)

41:38-42:08 West Coast Women’s Music Festival ad by Robin Tyler

42:09-52:02 Preview of an upcoming Cable 10 special by Tony Reif that explores the life of musician David Sereda. (Director: Tony Reif. Camera: Bob Laliberte; Tony Reif. Crew: M.J. Green. Interviewer: Debbie McGee; Tony Reif)

52:02-56:23 Softball preview and Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar) (Director: Kevin Griffin. Crew: Don Larventz)

56:24 Credits