GBV Episode 27

Episode: 27
Duration: 58:14
Airing date: 6, 20 September 1982

Record date: 28 August 1982
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-027

Highlights of Gay/Lesbian Unity Week ’82

01:10-02:39 Opening song

02:40-17:13 By popular request, a repeat segment from their July 1982 episode featuring a montage of the first two years of Gayblevision.

17:14-24:36 Response to Vancouver’s new NDP Mayor Michael Harcourt and his decision not to issue a proclamation in support of Gay Unity Week in 1982 after doing so in 1981. Segment includes a reading by Vince Manis (President of the Gay Festival Society) of Harcourt’s letter of personal support to those assembled at the 1982 event in Alexander Park and their response. Capped by a performance by Windy Earthworm.

24:37-28:42 Address by M.P. Svend Robinson

28:43-32:46 Vancouver Men’s Chorus performs

32:47-49:35 Highlights of Gay/Lesbian Unity ’82: ‘Which Way Forward for Gays & Lesbians?’ forum at the W.E.C.C. hosted by the Gay  Rights Union featuring Ken Popert (Body Politic), Rob Joyce, John Wilson; at 40:29 Softball including 3rd Annual Pacific Cup and West End All-Stars vs Porkers; at 42:31 The Unit Pitt Gay Art Show

49:36-54:32 Unity Parade footage and interviews with attendees on what the event means to them.

54:32-54:55 List of ‘82 Gay Olympics medal winners

54:56-57:20 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar)

57:31  Credits (Brought to you by Karen Douglas, Don Durrell, Kevin Griffin, Lori Kelly, Don Larventz, Barry Spillman, Wendy Trachtenberg.  Producers: Don Durrell, Barry Spillman)