GBV Episode 28

Episode: 28
Duration: 43:47
Airing date: 4 & 18 October 1982

Record date: Not available
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-028

00:32-01:16 Intro

01:17-25:26 Talk by Ken Popert of the Body Politic at a group hosted by the Gay Rights Union, Vancouver,  about charges against the Toronto newspaper for “immorality, indecency and scurrility”. Segment introduction by David MacLean. (Director: Barry Spillman. Crew: Karen Douglas, Don Durrell, Kevin Griffin, Don Larventz, Wendy Tractenberg)

26:27-38:17 Interview by Don Durrell with Carole Walker, “’Good People for a Great City” candidate for municipal elections. (Director/Camera: Barry Spillman. Editor: Warren Jensen. Crew: Don Larventz, Warren Jensen)

38:18-39:15 Update on the Rob Joyce case with Don Durrell, Terry Reichey, Barry Spillman.

39:16-42:59 Coming Up in Vancouver (Community Calendar) by D. Durrell, K. Griffin, T. Reichey

43:00-43:48 Credits