GBV Episode 29

Episode: 29
Duration: 44:27
Airing date: 1 & 15 November 1982

Record date: 23 October 1982
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-029

 00:30-01:50 Intro

01:51-08:43 Highlights of the Gay Olympics Ceremonies

08:44-17:49 “Flaunting It!” Interview by Don Larventz with Ed Jackson & Stan Persky, editors of ‘Body Politic’ Magazine, now collected into book form (Director: Don Larventz. Camera: Warren Jensen. Crew: Don Durrell; David MacLean; Barry Spillman)

17:50-24:37 A look at the Greater Vancouver Business Association, and their support of Gay businesses. Interview by Bob Webster. (Director: Barry Spillman. Camera/Editor: Warren Jensen. Audio: Terry Reichey)

24:38-39:37 A Special Presentation of Gay Pride Parade ’82 in San Francisco (Courtesy of Penguin Productions. Editor: Barry Spillman)

39:38-43:32 Coming Up in Vancouver (Don Durrell; Terry Reichey; Barry Spillman)

43:33-44:27 Credits: Associate Producers: Don Larventz; Mary Anne McEwen.