GBV Episode 30

Episode: 30
Duration: 51:04
Airing date: 6 & 20 December 1982

Record date: 4 December 1982
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-030

00:25-01:38 Intro “How They Hustled Our Votes”
01:39-13:28 Coverage of the 1982 Vancouver All Candidates Meeting for aldermanic & mayoralty (Director/Editor Barry Spillman. Tech assistant: Dani Singer. Production Crew: Don Durrell; Warren Jensen; Oksana Peczniuk; Terry Reichey; Bob Webster)13:29-24:02 Comments by Gay positive candidates Mike Harcourt & Johnathan Baker (Director/Editor: Barry Spillman. Camera: Warren Jensen)24:03-27:18 Political analysis by Don Larventz (Director/Editor: Don Larventz. Camera: Warren Jensen)27:19-34:37 Coverage of the Gay Rights By-Law proclamation by City council through unanimous vote (Coverage by Liz Engel & Vancouver Cable 10 City Hall Bureau)

34:38-35:13 City council results presented by Warren Jensen

35:14-45:58 “A Whale of a Dance” by choreographer Parash at Vancouver Aquarium (Director/Editor: Don Durrell. Camera: Warren Jensen. Dance sequence courtesy of Rogers Cable Toronto)

45:59-50:03 Coming Up in Vancouver (by Don Durrell & Barry Spillman)

50:04-51:04 Credits: Warren Jensen; Don Larventz.