GBV Episode 31

Episode: 31
Duration: 30:40
Airing date: 3 & 17 January 1983

Record date: Not available
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Don Larventz, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-031

‘1982 – Games We’ve Played Retrospective’

00:40-03:02 Intro

03:03-07:58 Coverage of the ’82 Gay Unity Parade

07:59-13:25 ‘Election Game’: comments by gay positive candidates Mike Harcourt & Johnathan Baker (Director/Editor: Barry Spillman)

13:26-14:11 Review of City Council voting

14:12-17:01 ‘Writing Game – Flaunting It!’ Interview with Ed Jackson & Stan Persky, editors of ‘Body Politic’ Magazine, collected into book form (Direction and interview by Don Larventz. Camera: Warren Jensen. Crew: Don Durrell; David MacLean; Barry Spillman)

17:02-20:48 ‘Justice Game’: coverage of Rob Joyce case, where he was fired for being gay.

20:49-24:14 ‘Olympic Games’: coverage of San Francisco Gay Games 1982 (Courtesy of Penguin Productions. Editor: Barry Spillman)

24:15-27:17 ‘Theatre Games’: Interview with actors Alan Morgan & David McLane

27:18-30:12 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar)

30:13- Credits