GBV Episode 32

Episode: 32
Duration: 35:41
Airing date: 7 & 21 February 1983

Record date: 6 February 1983
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Don Larventz, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-032

00:17-02:08 Intro

02:09-6:00 ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ rehearsal at BJs (Director: Don Durrell. Editor: Ted Fraser; Warren Jensen; Mark Limacher)

06:34-13:22 Fan Dancer performance by Richard McInnis to the music of Roxy Music (Director/Editor: Warren Jensen. Crew: Don Durrell)

13:23-20:30 ‘The Boys in the Band’ at Waterfront Theatre performance preview. (Director: Don Larventz. Editor: Don Larventz; Mark Limacher. Crew: Don Durrell; Ted Fraser; Warren Jensen; Bill Kobewka; Claire Murgatroyd)

20:31-27:39 ‘Architecture & Morality’ dance segment choreographed by Paras Terezakis (Director: Don Durrell. Camera: Ted Fraser; Warren Jensen; Bill Kobewka. Rogers Cable Toronto.)

27:40-29:23 Breaking News in the Rob Joyce case, including Rally to Re-Instate Rob Joyce, picketing and personal comments of attendees (Director: Don Larventz. Camera: Barry Spillman. Audio: Don Durrell)

29:24-32:00 Segment on ‘Frontrunners’, a Vancouver running group for Gays and Lesbians, including athletes who had competed in the San Francisco Gay Olympics. (Director: Barry Spillman. Crew: Don Durrell; Warren Jensen)

31:26-34:15 Coming Up in Vancouver (cultural calendar) (By Don Durrell. Music: Tom Scott. Graphics: Delirious New York)

34:16-35:09 Credits