GBV Episode 33

Episode: 33
Duration: 29:03
Airing date: 7 & 21 March 1983

Record date: 5 March 1983
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Don Larventz, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-033

00:56-02:24 Intro

02:25-15:05 A Journey to South-East Asia with Raymond Gautier & John Staip (Director/Camera/Editor: Mark Limacher. Interviewer/Editor: Warren Jensen)

15:06-18:42 ‘More Words from the Ivory Tower’: a talk by Dr. Martin Weinberg from UBC about the sociological & psychological origins of being Gay (Director/Camera/Editor: Warren Jensen. Crew: Ted Fraser; Bill Kobewka; Claire Murgatroyd; Richard)

18:43-20:50 ‘Mike Harcourt Gets a Free Meal at the Zodiac Society’: Documentation of a Zodiac Society dinner, member inductions, and presentation to Harcourt for his contributions to Gay rights and society in Vancouver. (Director: Mary Anne McEwen. Camera: Ted Fraser. Crew: Warren Jensen; Bill Kobewka; Colleen French. Editor: Ted Fraser; Bill Kobewka)

20:51-22:50 ‘Aerotica’: art show at the Pheonix Gallery (Director/Editor: Don Larventz. Camera: Warren Jensen)

22:51-24:28 Previous interview with Tennessee Williams, re-aired in honour of his recent passing

24:29-28:13 Coming Up in Vancouver (community calendar by Rob Joyce; Don Larventz)

28:14-28:27 Credits