GBV Episode 35

Episode: 35
Duration:  45:07
Airing date: 2 & 16 May 1983
Record date: Not available
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Warren Jensen, Barry Spillman


00:10-22:16 ‘People Politics’ :Coverage of the Walk for Peace, Saturday April 23, 1983, and rally at Sunset Beach. Interviews with protesters and speakers.  (Interviewer: Mike  Pappas. Camera: Ted Fraser; Warren Jensen; Bill Kabowka; Barry Spillman. Editors: Don Durrell; Warren Jensen; Barry Spillman.)

22:17-42:43 ‘Politicians’: Statements by political candidates for the B.C. Legislature Emery Barnes, Gary Lauk, Kim Campbell, Philip Owen, Shirley McLoughlin (Camera: Ted Fraser; Warren Jensen; Barry Spillman. Crew: Don Durrell; Mike Pappas. Editor: Don Durrell, Warren Jensen, Barry Spillman)

42:44–44:25 Ad for the 1983 B.C. Regional Lesbian Conference, May 20-23 in Vancouver.

44:25 Credits