GBV Episode May 1986

Episode May 1986
Duration: 28:58
Airing date: 5, 8, 10 & 19 May 1986

Record date: 1986
Episode Producers: Claude Hewitt
Accession: GV-85A


Celebrating six years of Gayblevision.

00:16-01:30 Opening

01:31-06:30 A montage of scenes from the first Gayblevision shows. Includes an interview on Cable 10’s ‘Stanley Court’ with Mary Anne McEwen and Greg Cutts about the origin of Gayblevision (02:35-04:32).

06:31-11:22 Claude Hewitt interviews Mary Anne McEwen.

11:23-14:08 A montage of scenes from Pacific Wave

14:09-19:30 Claude Hewitt interviews Barry Spillman about the reasons for creating Pacific Wave.

19:31-23:40 A montage of scenes from the latter incarnation of Gayblevision.

23:41-26:46 Claude Hewitt interviews Lloyd Nicholson about his characters Verlena Worlamute and Madge.

26:47-27:40 A toast to Gayblevision

27:41-28:30 Credits (Audio: Bill Burd. Camera: Rocco Bonito; Colleen French; Lloyd Nicholson; Barry Spillman. Chyron: Claude Hewitt. Switcher: Bill Burd. Editor: Claude Hewitt; Lloyd Nicholson. Host: Claude Hewitt. Director: Bill Burd. Producer: Claude Hewitt.)

28:31 In Memory of Greg Cutts