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GBV Episode April 1985

Episode: April 1985
Duration: 1:01:14
Airing date: 1 & 15 April 1985
Record date: 1985
Episode Producers: Lloyd E. Nicholson
Accession: GV-058


 Identified as the first Gayblevision show of 1985.

00:16-01:12 Intro with Claude Hewitt
01:13-08:01  Ron Kearse interviews silkcreen artist and print maker Lynn Ruschensky.
08:02-10:28 ; 15:24-16:56 Father Immaculate Desecration (Hank Berg) from the Order of the Friars of the Perfect Quiche, from the Church of the Giant Resurrection about having the English Bath Houses declared a historical site.
10:28-15:23 ‘Mr. P.M. of B.C.’ Programming is ‘interrupted’ by a message from the Prime Minister of BC (written, directed and performed by Lloyd Nicholson).
16:57-24:34 Commentary on the media hysteria around AIDS by Hank Berg.
24:35-34:20 Highlights from the 2nd Annual Provincial Lesbian & Gay Conference at UBC: excerpts of speeches by Tim Agg, Alderman Brown (City of Vancouver), and Ken Smith. (February 1985)
34:21-53:12 Claude Hewitt interviews Virginia Apuzzo, Executive (1982-1986) at the U.S. National Gay Task Force.
53:13-59:16 ‘The Dirt Flies With Madge’. Madge explores the shopping opportunities found in West End dumpsters. (written, directed and performed by Lloyd Nicholson).
59:17-59:47  Outro with Claude Hewitt
59:48 Credits (Producer & Editor: Lloyd Nicholson. Crew: Ron Kearse; Claude Hewitt; Wayne B.; Tony LaFrance; Noralee Hall)