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GBV Episode Christmas Show 1985

Episode: Christmas Show 1985
Duration: 37:33
Airing date: 2, 16 December 1985

Record date: Not available
Episode Producers:Ron Kearse, Claude Hewitt
Accession: GV-085


00:16-02:00 Intro

02:01-10:10 ‘Lesbians Celebrate Christmas Too’: story reading by author with skit elements. (Author: Linda M. Franchi. Assisted by Paddy Kennedy and Karen)

10:11- 13:37 Pastor Ernie Lacasse, Metropolitan Community Church, on Christmas, Christianity and events over the season.

13:38-14:59 Appeal for uhe Gay Food Bank

15:00-19:35 ‘Gay History’: Presented by Hank Berg. A look at Russian Prince Felix Yusapov, his cross-dressing, attraction to – and participation in the assassination of – Grigori Rasputin. His autobiography ‘Lost Splendor’ is recommended.

19:36- 20:26 A tour of the Vancouver Gay Community Centre at its 1170 Bute Street location.

20:27-30:01 Vancouver Gay Community Theatre Group. Interview with Doug Gardner about its first five months, its members, and its improvisation work. Examples of improvisations on a Christmas theme, hosted by The Lotus Hotel.

30:02-31:05 A profile of Vancouver’s Angles newspaper.

31:06-36:29  A skit and Christmas drag mime featuring ‘The Waitresses”

36:30-36:50 Gayblevision wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and announced the first episode date of 1986.

36:51 Credits and audio calendar (Camera: Steve Fearns; Gerald McGrath; Claude Hewitt; Ron Kearse; J.C. Audio: Steve Fearns; Gerald McGrath; Claude Hewitt; Ron Kearse; Simon K. Editors: Steve Fearns; Claude Hewitt; Ron Kearse.  Host: Ron Kearse; Steve Fearns)