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GBV Episode January 1986

Episode: January 1986
Duration: 37:13
Airing date: 7 January 1986

Record date: c1986
Episode Producers: Not available
Accession: GV-081

00:470-02:37 Intro with host Ron Kearse and Steve.
02:38-05:25 Claude Hewitt asks people on the street about their opinions on equality rights and discrimination against gays in the military.
05:26-12:15 Interview with Sue Harrison , the first out lesbian politician elected in mainstream politics . Serves as a Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner and works as community worker at Downtown Eastside Residency Assn.
12:16-13:46 PSA: Gay Food Bank
13:47-20:38 Brief interview with the Acting Up Theatre Troupe; live performance.
20:39-22:30 Tour of the Vancouver Gay & Lesbian Community Centre at 1170 Bute Street at Davie Street.
22:30-28:54 Claude Hewitt interviews Raymond Kaylor, Development Consultant for the Vancouver Gay & Lesbian Community Centre
28:55-29:56 Profile of Angles Newspaper
29:57-35:12 Dramatization of a story written and performed by Linda Frankey
35:13-35:50 Announcement that Ron Kearse is leaving the show, volunteer call, and next air date.
35:51-36:56 Outro: performance by Acting Up
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