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GBV Episode July 1985

Episode: July 1985
Duration: 1:00:15
Airing Date: 1, 15 July 1985
Record date: June 1985
Episode Producers: Lloyd Nicholson

Accession: GV-057 
00:42-02:25  Intro with hosts Claude Hewitt and Ron Kearse
02:26-15:28 Lloyd Nicholson interviews performer Grant Heisler* in Vancouver from Montreal to teach workshops with The Fools Society. Demonstration of Bouffon instruction.
15:29-16:31 A profile of Angles, Vancouver’s Gay and Lesbian newspaper.
16:32-46:06  A report on the Justice Committee on Equality Rights, in Vancouver May 27, 1985 with interviews with Gays and Lesbians who made presentations before the committee. Includes Don Larventz (writer and member of the Gay Rights Union), Steven Fearns (previous member of the Canadian Armed Forces), Laurie and Klig from Lesbian & Feminist Mothers, MPs including Svend Robinson, NDP MP for Burnaby and Progressive Conservative MPs who argue against a legal solution to discrimination against the LGBT community.
46:07-47:38 Appeal for the Gay Food Bank
47:39-53:23 Ron Kearse interviews Justin David Coulder about fabric dying.
53:24-55:33 Profile of the Vancouver Gay Community Centre at 1170 Bute Street.
55:34-59:30 ‘The Grey World of Heterosexuals’ satire with Father Immaculate Desecration (Hank Berg)
59:31- 1:00:15 ‘Madge Having a Bad Day’ skit (written and performed by Madge)
1:00:15-1:00:41 Outro
1:00:42-end Credits (Crew: Ron Kearse; Claude Hewitt; Stephen Fearns; Tom LaFrance; Wayne; Tom. Producer/Writer: Lloyd Nicholson)