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GBV Special 3: West End All-Stars

Special 3: West End All-Stars
Duration: 30:00
Airing date: Unknown

Record date: 26 September 1981
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman, Don Durrell
Accession: GV-054


00:25-00:48 Intro
00:49-29:03 A review of the West End Softball Association’s year. Features the West End All-Stars, The Pacific Cup, Games against the Vancouver Police Porkers and the Quadra Cats. Special host Ted Deacon, West End All-Stars’ Coach.
29:04-30:01  Credits. (Crew: Lori Albert; Philip Bailie; Kurtus Callaghan; Donna Hager; Don Larventz; Stephanie McVie; Shelley Robinson)
30:02-40:53 Raw footage of Don Durrell’s presentation to a panel on the future of local cablevision appears after the episode’s credits.