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GBV Episode April 1986

Episode: April 1986
Duration: 52:28
Airing date: 7, 10, 12, 21 April 1986

Record date: 4 April 1986
Episode Producers: Claude Hewitt
Accession: GV-082


00:17-01:30 Intro with hosts Steve Fearns and Claude Hewitt.

01:31-36:10 ‘Death By Doorbell’, a murder mystery musical by the Acting Up Theatre Company.  (Actors: Nora D. Randall; Honey Maser; Judy Lynn; Sarah White; Mickie McCune; Rachel Epstein; Nancy Pollack. Piano: Janet Sawyer. Ann Daskall: Stage Manager. Audio: Gary Smith. Boom mike: Karen McDonald. Switcher: Linda Tremblay. Camera: Heike Gautreau; Faye Yoneda; Royce Hood. Studio Director: Ken Arkell. Director: Mark Cameron)

36:11-47:01 Live musical performance by Shirl Dene. (Video courtesy of Lloyd Nicholson)

47:02-50:17 A Montage of Gayblevision skits and segments from previous episodes to preview the Gayblevision 6 Year Anniversary show next month. (Gayblevision archives provided by previous contributors)

50:18 Credits (Camera: John Campbell. Audio: Lloyd Nicholson. Editors: Claude Hewitt; Lloyd Nicholson. Chyron: Claude Hewitt. Special Effects: Mike Brais)