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GBV Special: Harry Britt Lecture at U.B.C.

Special: Harry Brit Lecture at U.B.C.
Duration: 25:00
Airing date: Not available

Record date: 1982
Episode Producers: Gordon Armstrong, Lori Kelly, Colleen French, Don Larventz, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-077

Harry Brit’s political bio includes being a civil rights activist,  a gay activist, and a socialist candidate. He was also an educator. Britt was appointed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors by Mayor Dianne Feinstein, succeeding legendary gay activist Harvey Milk. Milk was assassinated along with the Mayor and former Supervisor in 1979. Britt discussed Harvey Milk’s accomplishments and political legacy, the power of the LGBT gay political activities in San Francisco, how to use the political process to achieve gay rights, and how to make effective alliances with other communities to achieve your agenda.