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GBV Special: No Strings – A Play By Aubrey Dayman

Special: No Strings
Duration: 40:58
Airing date:07, 21 February 1983

Record date: Not available
Episode Producer: Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-087

A play by Vancouver artist Aubrey Dayman about gender roles and sexual identity.


Stage Director: David Topliff.  Cast: Toni Pohl, Nancy Cullen, Douglas James, Ben McLaren, Rupert Lindsay. ‘No Strings’ was a  Generic Theatre Production. (Camera: Don Durrell; Oksana Peczniuk. Audio: Don Larventz; Mary Anne McEwen. Technical Assistant: Gay Wirachowsky. Editors: Don Durrell; Barry Spillman.)


About Aubrey Dayman (1951-2003): ‘Aubrey was an accomplished and prolific visual artist, with exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe. He expressed his relentless curiosity and passionate creativity in many forms. Aubrey wrote plays, performed with a rock band in Montreal, and co-hosted a music and interview show on Co-op Radio. He was a socially-committed artist who took an active role in initiating community involvement in the revitalization of the Carnegie Centre. Aubrey was an astute thinker and observer of contemporary culture and society.’ From his obituary published in the Vancouver Sun, 20 Feb 2003.