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GBV Special: The Sleep of Reason

Special: The Sleep of Reason
Duration: 1:00:47
Airing date: 1 & 15 August 1983

Record date: Not available
Special Producers: Don Durrell, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-038

00:18 Program start

Performance of ‘The Sleep of Reason’ choreographed by Paras Terezakis.

Production Manager: Denis Blais. Rehearsal Director: Keith Ditto. Dancers: Joane Archontakis; Daina Balodis; David Dickey; Alan Grant; Trish Halsey; Yoo-Hyon Kim; Andrea Porter; Paras Terezakis; Mary Tutt. Juggler: Mark Majka. Lighting Design: Ed Arteaga. Guest Singer: Chantal Morin.

(Interviewer: Steve Mallory. Camera: Don Durrell; Ted Fraser. Switcher: Warren Jensen; Barry Spillman. Editors: Don Durrell; Barry Spillman.)

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