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GBV Special: Speaking Out for Human Rights Rally

Special: Speaking Out For Human Rights Rally
Duration: 30:00
Airing date: 14 August 1983

Record date: 10 August 1983
Special Producers: Don Durrell, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-089

Documentation of the Speaking Out for Human Rights Rally organized by Operation Solidarity. 45,000 people attended the rally at Empire Stadium in Vancouver on August 10th, 1983.

00:15-01:25  Rock band
01:26-03:09  Hannah Jensen, former Human Rights Executive Officer
03:10-03:57  Alan Borovoy, President, Canadian Civil Liberties Association
03:58-04:22  Mike Harcourt, Mayor of Vancouver
04:23-06:52  Reverend Clark MacDonald
06:53-10:34  Theatre troupe
10:35-11:57  Alicia Lawrence, former Human Rights Officer
11:58-12:56  Martha Joy Campbell, former Human Rights Officer
12:47-15:28  Unidentified speaker
15:29-17:30  Richard Watson, Coalition for the Disabled
17:31-19:45  David Vickers, President, National Institute of Mental Retardation
19:46-21:50  Folk group
21:51-23:39  Art Kube, President, Federation of Labour
23:40-25:40  Hannah Jensen
25:41-27:58  Reverend MacDonald
27:59-29:00  O Canada
29:00-29:21  Credits(Camera, Editing & Production: Don Durrell, Barry Spillman)