PW Episode 4

Episode: 4
Duration: 30:20
Airing date: 5 & 19 March 1984

Record date: Not available
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-046

00:33-02:28 Intro
02:29-10:20 Interview with Djaef Mahler, painter
10:21-17:23 Café Babe: A Café with a Difference; interview with Bonita Talpash, owner
17:24-18:08 Rob Joyce is cleared in case
8:09-28:18 Theatre Space: A Showcase of Original Theatre Works and interview with Joanna Maratta, Art Direct
28:19-29:25 Musical piano piece by Bruce Tilden
29:26-30:21 Credits.