PW Episode 6

Episode: 6
Duration: 30:55
Airing date: 7, 21 May 1984
Record date: April 1984
Episode Producers: Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-067

‘Walk for Peace’ re-edits and adds to coverage of the 1984 Walk for Peace in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver City Council and End the Arms Race co-sponsored the third Walk for Peace. Estimates of 100,000-115,000 attended. It  was the largest such event in Canada’s history.

00:24-02:29 Intro montage with song.

02:30-21:50 Helen Spiegelman from End the Arms Race addresses that organization’s issues. Her comments are interspersed with footage from the 1983 Walk for Peace with voice-overs of participants (not clear if voices are from 1983 or 1984)

21:51-27:08 Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert address the crowd at the 1983 rally.

27:09-27:53 Credits (‘Walk for Peace’ brought to you by Don Durrell, Steve Foster, Ted Fraser, Warren Jensen, Ron Kearse, Bill Kobewka, Don MacDougall, Mike Pappas, Barry Spillman. Edited for 1984 by Steve Foster, ron Kearse, Don MacDougall, Barry Spillman)

27:54-30:54 Outro: footage from the 1984 Walk for Peace