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Special: Election ’80

Special: Election ’80
Duration: 1:00:10
Airing date: 1980

Record date: February 1980
Episode Producers: Greg Cutts
Accession: GV-078

This was the first video produced by Greg Cutts that would lead to the formation of Gayblevision (see “History”).

Documentation of a Federal candidates meeting in Vancouver 1980 focussed on Gay Rights. The meeting was organized by S.P.A.G. in cooperation with the Coming Out Show. It focussed on candidates for the Vancouver Centre riding but all Vancouver candidates were invited. Those who speak include Pat Carney (Conservative), Ron Johnson (NDP), Art Phillips (Liberal), Greg Corcran (Marxist-Leninist), John Elliot (Independent), David Longworth (Rhinoceros Party), Jack Philips (Communist Party), and the moderator, Greg Cutts, included a letter written by Independent Paul Watson who was unable to attend.