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Special: The Gay Impact on Art

Special: The Gay Impact on Art
Duration: 49:38
Airing date: Not available
Record date: 20 May 1981
Episode Producers: Philip Bailie, Stephanie McVie
Accession: GV-076


00:34-01:24 An introduction by Philip Bailie to Gayblevision’s second special: The Gay Impact on Art.

01:25-48:50 Tom Sokolowski, Curator of Painting & Sculpture at the Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia, discusses the impact of gay men on art throughout history. Includes readings by Craige Richards from C.P. Cavafy’s ‘On Painting’.

48:51 Credits (Concept: Don Larventz; Tom Sokolowski. Director: John Cowan. Exterior crew: Philip Bailie; Don Larventz; Franklyn Clowater. Interior crew: Stephanie McVie; JohnCowan. Editor: John Cowan)