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Footage: Dr. Kevin Cahill Interview

Footage: Dr. Kevin Cahill Interview
Duration: 19:54
Airing date: Not applicable

Record date: November 1983
Episode Producers: Not available
Accession: GV-049

00:00-17:39 Dr. Kevin Cahill talks about HIV/AIDS, efforts to engage politicians in the issue, and his thoughts on research. Dr. Cahill was in town to give a lecture at the Vancouver Institute on November 12, 1983.

17:40-19:54 Footage of a local unidentified event featuring information tables on various LGBT organizations and services.

Dr. Kevin Cahill Bio
Dr. Cahill was a member of the New York City Board of Health and one of America’s most respected doctors. Examples of his reputation include his being flown to Rome to treat the Pope when he was shot, and Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista president of Nicaragua in a special medical emergency. He was the organizer of a seminal AIDS symposium in New York in 1983. The papers presented were immediately published in his book “The AIDS Epidemic”,  just three months before this Gayblevision interview.