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Oral History

Textual Materials

Celebration ’90 Gay Games Photographs

Interview – Tom Waddell (Gay Games Founder), San Francisco 1982

Celebration ’90 Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Plaza of Nations and Disco Nite

Plaza of Nations Stage Show

Interview – Doug Hughes; Artisans Market

Commodore Ballroom – Dance Lessons and Company L.A.

Fantasy Ball – Bill Monroe, Two Way, and Body Builders

Fantasy Ball and Plaza of Nations

Outdoor Music Performance and Robin Tyler

Swangard Stadium – Men’s and Women’s Track

Celebration ’90 Chorus Rehearsals

Interview – Richard Dopson; Burnaby Christian Fellowship Church

Interview – Coreen Douglas

Swangard Stadium Relay Races/ Awards

Burnaby Christian Fellowship – Prayer Meet

Rainbow Run, AIDS Quilt, Interview – Dr. John Blatherweiler

Men’s and Women’s Swimming; Jane Rule Press Conference

Burnaby Christian Fellowship – Bob Birch Sermon

Cultural/Cutaways Assembly for Media

Men’s and Women’s Cycling, Interview – Svend Robinson

Interview – Paula Pick

Celebration ’90 Opening Ceremonies – Part 1 (edited)

Celebration ’90 Opening Ceremonies – Part 2 (edited)

Interview – Richard Dopson

Interview – Shawn Kelly

Words Without Borders, Men’s Tennis, and Pride Parade

AIDS Vancouver Office

Interview – Bill Monroe; Fantasy Drag and Leather Ball

Interviews – Richard Dopson, Donimo

Interviews – Mark Mees, Betty Baxter, Rev. Lawrence Rae and Pastor Bob Birch

Interviews – Donimo, Daniel Collins

Interview – Daniel Collins and Volunteer Pep Rally

Interview – Louise Pohl; Brent Nicholson Earle Arrives in Vancouver

Jane Rule Press Conference

Interviews – Mary Brookes, Clyde MacLeod, and Heather Williams

Celebration ’90 Opening Ceremonies – Part 1 (raw footage)

Celebration ’90 Opening Ceremonies – Part 2 (raw footage)

Gayla (Part 1)

Gayla (Part 2)

Interviews – Seafest and Pride

Celebration ’90 Closing Ceremonies – Part 1 (edited)

Celebration ’90 Closing Ceremonies – Part 2 (edited)

Celebration ’90 Closing Ceremonies – Part 1 (raw footage)

Interview – Rev. Lawrence Rae and Pastor Bob Birch

Celebration ’90 Cultural Assembly

Gay Pride Parade, Men’s Tennis

Jane Rule Writer’s Workshop – Panel Discussion

Jane Rule Writer’s Workshop – Press Conference

Volunteer Pep Rally at Commodore Ballroom

Backstage – Opening and Closing Ceremonies

End of Closing Ceremonies, Interview – Jana Williams; Women’s Soccer

Closing Ceremonies Rehearsal, Interview – Robin Tyler

Closing Ceremonies, Interview – Sara Lewinstein

Women’s Soccer, Words Without Borders Gala

Women’s Volleyball, Interview – Betty Baxter

Men’s Volleyball, Interview – Mark Mees

Team Berlin, Art Celebration, Interview – Michael Vernig

Burnaby Christian Fellowship – Bob Birch Sermon

Men’s and Women’s Physique and “Drawing the Line” Exhibit

Words Without Borders – Opening Night (Cont.)

Footage: Dr. Kevin Cahill Pt. 2 / The Coming Out Show History

PW Grant Heisler in “Magic Time”

Footage: A.I.D.S. Educator Allan Hicox Interview Tape 2

Footage: Robin Tyler Interview

Raw footage: Red Cross Tape 2 – Press Conference

Footage: Dr. Kevin Cahill Interview

GBV Footage: Intro Takes with Colleen French & Mary Anne McEwen

GBV Footage: A.I.D.S. Educator Allan Hicox Interview Tape 1/Painter Djaef Mahler

GBV Episode January 1986

GBV Episode April 1986

GBV Episode May 1986

Special: Election ’80

GBV Special: Robin Tyler

Special: The Gay Impact on Art

GBV Special 3: West End All-Stars

GBV Special: Harry Britt Lecture at U.B.C.

GBV Special: No Strings – A Play By Aubrey Dayman

GBV Special: The Challenge Cup

GBV Special: B.C. Human Rights Rally

GBV Special: The Sleep of Reason

GBV Special: Speaking Out for Human Rights Rally

GBV Special: Solidarity March, October 16, 1983

GBV Footage: Forbidden Fruits Reading

GBV Episode April 1985

GBV Episode July 1985

GBV Episode Christmas Show 1985

PW Episode 2

PW Episode 3

PW Episode 4

PW Episode 5

PW Episode 6

PW Episode 6 (7)

PW Episode 8

PW Episode 9

PW Episode 10

GBV Episode 31

GBV Episode 32

GBV Episode 33

GBV Episode 35

GBV Episode 36

GBV Episode 37

GBV Episode 39

GBV Episode 40

GBV Episode 19

GBV Episode 20

GBV Episode 21

GBV Episode 23

GBV Episode 24

GBV Episode 26

GBV Episode 27

GBV Episode 28

GBV Episode 29

GBV Episode 30

GBV Episode 7

GBV Episode 8

GBV Episode 9

GBV Episode 10

GBV Episode 11

GBV Episode 12

GBV Episode 13 Pt 1

GBV Episode 13 Pt 2

GBV Episode 14

GBV Episode 15

GVB Episode 16

GBV Episode 17

GBV Episode 18

GBV Special: The Facts On A.I.D.S.

PW Episode 11

GBV Episode 01

GBV Episode 2

GBV Episode 3

GBV Episode 4

GBV Episode 5

GBV Episode 6

GBV Episode 41